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What are the Benefits of a tour on K'gari (Fraser Island)?

Stretching over 120km, K'gari (Fraser Island) is the biggest sand Island in the world. A World
Heritage listed wilderness that holds plenty of gems to be explored.

The question of whether to self drive or take part in a tour is a common one. Whilst some
people may think that doing it yourself can be more flexible, there are often obstacles that
could get in your way. Tours have been designed to ensure you create the best memories
and that you don't miss a thing. Here are some of the ways how:


K'gari (Fraser Island) is one of the most unique places in Australia with Its endless beaches,
a multitude of lakes and dense rainforests. There is a large element of risk that comes with
these ranges of landscapes from poisonous plants, sheer cliff faces, and some of the most
dangerous waters in Australia with an abundance of sharks and jellyfish that frequent the
area. Your guide will be able to ensure you snap that perfect Instagram photo
without needing to venture into dangerous terrain, educate you on the island's furry
residents- the Dingo, and swim confidently in the crystal clear waters of the lakes and
champagne pools, whilst also teaching you how to drive on the island like a pro.


Knowledgeable guides

As well as ensuring to keep you safe while taking part in your adventure, being guided by a
local will give you that true sense of Aussie adventure. You're not on a school trip, think of
your guide as a mate (who just knows a lot more than you do). Any questions or wonders
you have about the area won't have to be relied upon by google, because let’s face it, who
has Wi-Fi out here anyway? K'gari (Fraser Island) is famous for it’s temperamental tides, and often there
are spots that won’t be accessible. Your friendly guide knows how to navigate the sandy
land at all the right times ensuring you don’t miss the must-see locations.


Meeting like-mined people

Exploring a new country on your own can be a daunting experience, and often, it is the
people we meet that create the lasting memories of our adventures. Taking part in a
tour guarantees you a group of like-minded people from all over the world, from all aspects
of life. As a bonus, you might also create onward Travel mates for future adventures.


Environmentally Friendly!

With copious amounts of respect for K'gari's (Fraser Island) unique and exceptional eco system,
measures are consistently put in place to reduce the impact we have on the remarkable
island. Tours are designed to be as sustainable and as environmentally friendly as possible.

This is done by tracking carbon emissions, reducing the packaging used with meals that are
provided for the groups, and switching to solar power. Progress is constantly tracked so this
can continuously be improved over time. By choosing a tour, you are also reducing your
own carbon footprint by teaming up with others!


Cost effective and stress free

Planning the excursion yourself can be both expensive, stressful and time consuming. There
are extra costs such as insurance, permits, levy’s and equipment that are often unexpected,
and a lot of planning and research is required to ensure your safety. By taking part in a tour,
there is no need to worry about ferry schedules, extra expenses, where to drive and where
to camp. This is all taken care of for you, meaning you can sit back and relax and
concentrate on creating memories with your new friends.

Options are available for all budgets from group tours to private charters where you can
separate from the crowds and travel with your own private guide. Tour duration ranges
from day trips for those short on time, to 5 days for those wanting to fully immerse
themselves in everything the island has to offer for that true K'gari (Fraser Island) experience. Cook
with your group, sleep under the stars, and create friends for life. K'gari (Fraser Island) should be on
the bucket list of every backpacker visiting the East Coast of Australia, and booking a tour
with like minded people can be crucial in ensuring you create the trip of a lifetime and don't
miss a thing.

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