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About Fraser Island

k'gari (Fraser Island)

Discover for yourself why K’Gari (Fraser Island) is a World Heritage listed icon and a memorable highlight for many travellers! With ancient towering rain forest that grows from sand, crystal clear freshwater lakes inviting you to swim and unique Australian wildlife, Fraser Island is a wonder not to be missed.

Top attractions on K'gari (Fraser Island)

Lake McKenzie 
Also called ‘Jewel of K'gari (Fraser Island)’ – Lake McKenzie is probably one of the most visited natural sites on K'gari (Fraser Island). Pure white silica sand, extremely clear water and the blue colours make this perched Lake picture-perfect.


Central Station / Pile Valley 

Journey through ancient rain forest alongside the magnificent Wanggoolba Creek.

Eli Creek 

Float down this crystal clear, freshwater creek. A must-do when visiting K'gari (Fraser Island)


Lake Wabby 

A beautiful walk leads to this green coloured lake set beside a gigantic sand dune.   


SS Maheno Shipwreck 

Probably one of the most photographed icons on K'gari (Fraser Island). The SS Maheno Shipwreck is located on the Eastern Beach close to Eli Creek. Find out about its interesting history. 


75 Mile Beach 

K'gari's (Fraser Island) own highway! The 75 miles long beach runs along most of K'gari's (Fraser Island) east coast. 


Champagne Pools 

The Champagne Pools got their name because of the bubbling water that is caused by waves crashing over the rocks. It feels like taking a bath in champagne! 


Indian Head 

Indian Head is the most easterly point on K'gari (Fraser Island) and located at one end of 75 Mile Beach. The perfect spot to see whales, sharks, and turtles in the water. 


Getting to K'gari (Fraser Island)

The best way to access K'gari (Fraser Island) is from Rainbow Beach which is 230 kilometres north of Brisbane (approximately a 3-hour drive). Here we access the island via a 10-minute vehicle ferry ride and land on the southern tip of the island – a haven for migrating shorebirds.

The barge servicing the island is “on-demand” meaning no waiting, a quick call from our guide and they are ready to take us on board!!

Peak Season 

K'gari (Fraser Island) is one of the most iconic highlights on the East Coast. There is no wrong time to visit K'gari (Fraser Island), it’s always beautiful. It’s important to keep in mind that it can get quite busy especially around the school holidays. If you’re planning to visit K'gari (Fraser Island) during these times you should plan and book your trip in advance. The busiest weeks on K'gari (Fraser Island) are usually around Christmas, Easter and during the September school holidays. 


Weather on K'gari (Fraser Island)

Due to the proximity to the sea, the weather on K'gari (Fraser Island) can change within a few hours. Therefore, it’s important be prepared for every kind of weather. It’s always a good idea to bring a waterproof jacket. In December the coastal temperatures range from 22 to 28 degrees Celsius, and 14 to 21 degrees Celsius in July. The wettest months are January to March, whereas the winter/spring months are driest. 

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