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FAQ - K'gari (Fraser island) tours
  • Why do I need to reconfirm my booking?
    We ask all guests, regardless of where you booked, to reconfirm their booking details directly with us at least 48 hours prior to travel. This is so we have a chance to ensure all booking details, such as dietary requirements and any special needs, are properly noted in your booking and can thus be catered for. We also like to make sure that your meeting point has not changed since you made the booking and that it's the easiest one for you to get to. Reconfirming is also your opportunity to ask any questions related to the day. You can reconfirm with us either by calling our office on +61 7 5449 0393, which is open from 9am to 5pm every day, or by email to
  • It's a 4WD tour, does this mean it will be rough?"
    Every day on K'gari (Fraser Island) is different, which is all part of the 4WD adventure! Once we get to Inksip Point, where we catch the ferry onto the island, we are driving on sand. Some days the tracks are quite smooth, other days they can be quite bumpy and rough. The condition of these tracks is determined largely by weather and by traffic on the island, making it difficult for us to predict in advance what the conditions will be like on any given day. Our guides are very skilled at driving these tracks, however in general you can expect for there to be a few bumps along the way. If you have a medical condition, or are concerned about the 4WD element of the tour, please contact our office to discuss prior to booking.
  • How long do we spend on the bus?
    It is a 4WD tour and part of this experience is driving the sand tracks on K'gari (Fraser Island)! We take the ferry to the island from Inskip Point, just north of Rainbow Beach. For those that join the tour in Noosa, there will be travel time involved between Noosa and Rainbow Beach, which is generally 1.5 hours each way. If you're concerned about the length of the day, you can still enjoy the same K'gari (Fraser Island) experience with us by joining and departing in Rainbow Beach instead of Noosa. K'gari (Fraser Island) is also larger than it looks, being 123 kilometers long, with Lake McKenzie and Central Station located roughly a third of the way up the island. Being sand tracks with changing conditions, travel times on the island are not the same as you would expect on the mainland. When on the island, we stop for morning tea on the beach, visit Lake McKenzie for a swim and enjoy a walk through the rain forest. The rest of the tour will be travel time.
  • What should I bring with me for tour?
    We want our guests to be as comfortable as possible throughout the day and therefore recommend they bring sun protection such as a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen as well as insect repellent. For those wishing to swim, bring along your swimwear and a towel. Don’t forget to bring along a camera to capture your memories from the day and a refillable water bottle to help prevent waste. Morning tea and lunch are included in your fare, however some guests like to bring a long a few snacks of their own.
  • Will I be able to swim?
    Yes, swimming in Lake McKenzie has been a highlight for many passengers. It is made of some of the freshest water you can find and is a great way to cool down and refresh yourself. To help keep this environment pristine, we ask that passengers apply any sunscreen at least 20 minutes before entering the water to ensure it is fully absorbed by the skin preventing excess pollutants from entering the waters. Being fresh water also, people find they don’t float as easily as they do in the sea. We therefore ask guests to be mindful of their own swimming abilities.
  • Will you pick up from my hotel?
    The tour departs from Rainbow Beach, with add-on shuttle options from Noosa to Rainbow Beach (before the tour) and Rainbow to Noosa (after the tour). To maximise our time on K'gari (Fraser Island), we have chosen several key accommodation providers and shuttle pick-up points located in the greater Noosa area and one central pick-up point in Rainbow Beach. We have selected these to ensure no matter where you choose to stay in Noosa, there will be a pick-up point nearby to you. If you have any questions please call our reservations team who would be most happy to advise of your most convenient place to join our tour.
  • What time will I be picked up in the morning?
    Pickup times start at 5.45 am in Noosa*. Pickup in Rainbow Beach is 8 am*. ​
  • What time will I be dropped off at the end of the day?
    Passengers returning to Rainbow Beach can expect to be dropped off around 4:30 p.m., and passengers departing Noosa can expect to be dropped off around 7 p.m.
  • Can I be dropped off somewhere different to my pick-up point?
    If your requested drop off point is on our usual return route and there is a safe and accessible area for our bus to stop, we may be able to drop you off elsewhere. Please call our reservations team to discuss options.
  • Do you pick up from Hervey Bay?
    Our tours don’t go via Hervey Bay and so we do not pick up from there. We travel to K'gari (Fraser Island) from Noosa and go via Rainbow Beach, taking the ferry from Inskip Point and returning via the same route. If you wish to join our tour and are staying in Hervey Bay, your nearest pickup point is Rainbow Beach, roughly 1.5 hours drive from Hervey Bay.
  • What should I wear for my tour?
    We want everyone to be comfortable throughout the day and therefore recommend people wear something they are comfortable in. It’s not a bad idea to check the weather forecast to see if you need to bring along something to keep warm or dry. Any type of footwear is fine for the rainforest walk. Our vehicle has air conditioning on board and some people may like to bring a light jacket for on board.
  • Can I bring luggage with me?
    Our vehicles have limited space available for storage. If you have luggage with you, we recommend you store your luggage for the day or call our friendly reservations team to discuss options.
  • Can dietary requirements be catered for?
    Most dietary requirements can be catered for if we are given advance notice. We recommend anyone with dietary requirements notifies us at the time of booking.
  • What level of fitness or mobility is required?
    Our tour is suitable for all fitness levels. The rainforest walk has an optional self-guided section which includes around 200 bush steps and is roughly 2 kilometres in length, which most people are able to complete. If you don’t feel you can complete this though, there is an option to do a wheelchair accessible walk at Central Station instead. Getting in and out of the bus may be difficult for some people. The first step up can be quite high and the exact height varies depending on where the bus is parked due to the sand car parks. Of course we are happy to assist if you require. If you are unsure or would like to discuss further, please call our reservations team.
  • Are tours suitable for children?
    Due to child vehicle restraint laws in QLD and limited anchor points for child booster seats we unfortunately cannot take children under the age of 8 years. For children over 8 years, we ask parents to consider if the tour is suitable for your particular child due the length of the day, the length of time spent on the bus and the limited amenities for attending to children throughout the day. If you have young children and would like to know more, please contact our office prior to booking.
  • Can I join the tour if I’m pregnant?
    Every woman experiences pregnancy differently and so there is no one fits all answer. We generally don’t recommend joining the tour if you are past 28 weeks for your own comfort. If you are unsure, we recommend you speak with your doctor as they are best equipped to advise you on medical issues.
  • What will happen if it rains on the day of my tour?
    K'gari (Fraser Island) is beautiful in all types of weather, particularly the rainforest which really comes alive when it rains. Tours will go ahead during any weather unless it poses a safety risk to passengers. We recommend passengers check average weather expectations for their time of visit and bring adequate clothing for that day.
  • Will I see dingos?
    K'gari (Fraser Island) is home to around 200 wild dingoes and we do see them on many of our tours. They are wild animals though and we encourage them to maintain their natural instincts and behaviours by refraining from trying to attract them. This makes every day different and special and means that we can’t guarantee sightings on every tour.
  • Are dingos dangerous?
    Sadly, some human behaviours have led to modified dingo behaviour, such as feeding them or leaving scraps out for them. While it may seem like ‘helping’ the dingoes, such behaviours can lead to some dingoes associating humans with food and thus creating negative encounters. We therefore strictly enforce the guidelines set by Queensland Parks and Wildlife which ensure the safety of not only our guests, but also the wonderful wildlife of the island. Your guide for the day will provide you with more information throughout the day to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable tour.
  • What time do we catch the ferry to the island?
    Please Note: the tides may impact the times that the ferry arrives and departs K’Gari (Fraser Island), so that may also impact the length of the time you spend at each of the attractions listed in the itinerary. The order of destinations may also be affected by the tides. Your guide will advise you on the day of travel.
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